19 Aug 10
Mental Health Act Consultation


Dear Member

The National Service Users Executive, in partnership with Amnesty International, is running a consultation process on how the Mental Health Act works for both voluntary and involuntary inpatients.

We would like to hear about issues you may have come across as well as individual experiences that would be useful for Amnesty in their lobbying campaign for a review ...

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19 Feb 09
NSUE Position Paper on Medication


We are in the process of uploading a draft position paper on medication.  Please let us have your comments as they will feed into our final policy.

Please click here to download the draft document. 

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27 Jan 09
The Way Forward


Just in case you wanted to look over Jenny & Johns presentation, we've included a place for you to view it below.

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14 Dec 08
Position Papers


Position papers are essentially discussion documents outlining a position that individuals feel may be appropriate in light of their own personal experiences or the experiences of others.

The NSUE will be better able to represent these views if a positon paper is posted on the website for further debate.  In this way we can generate a set position for our ...

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16 Oct 08
Person Centred - What does this mean?


There is a particular and growing emphasis in national policy on a more individualised, ‘person-centred’ approach to meeting needs. The extent to which service users are satisfied that services fit their needs rather than the reverse should be the most important benchmark of quality.

Person centred approaches are concerned with meeting the needs of individuals and ensuring better outcomes for ...

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16 Oct 08
What is a Carer


Many people dislike the term “carer”. They often feel that it does not accurately reflect their role and somehow diminishes the status of the relationship. An “official” definition is often expressed in terms such as these:
“a carer spends a significant  proportion of their life providing unpaid support to family or neighbours and friends.  This could be caring for a ...

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15 Oct 08
Recovery and the National Service Users Executive


The National Service Users Executive has been formed as a result of the implementation of the Vision for Change national mental health policy. It is uniquely constituted so as to include both those individuals who have occasion to avail of mental healthcare services and those who may be described variously as family members, close friends, carers or relatives of those ...

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1 Oct 08
Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder
People with direct experience of mental health problems - as service users, carers or professionals - have long been aware of the impact of discrimination against people with psychiatric diagnoses. Over recent decades research by organisations like the Mental Health Foundation has confirmed that discrimination has a huge impact on people’s lives.
However, as a sector we have not always been ... Continue reading


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