17 Oct 14
New Fraternity Launched for Safer Healthcare Everywhere


Brussels, October 15 2014

The Irish Patients' Association today launched the Pact for Patient Safety at the European Parliament with the participation of the European Commission, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Ombudsman. 

Supported by more than 20 patient associations throughout Europe, and representing hundreds of thousands of patients, the Pact for Patient Safety establishes 20 key committments for health authorities such as involving patients in patient safety programmes, publicising data on parameters of patient safety, providind full access to patient records, incentivising safety with healthcare managers and raising awareness at national level on indicators of patient safety.  Patients and citizens everywhere now have th opportunity to individually sign the Pact and demand greater safety of care through its dedicated website. 

 Member of the European Parliament Sean Kelly (EPP, Ireland) remarked that "the Pact is a resource for patients and citizens throughout Europe and beyond to generate awareness of safety in healthcare institutions, as well as to support patients and patient representatives to drive accountability with policy makers on the 10 committments of the Pact". 

Stephen MacMahon,  Director of the Irish Patients Association and leader of the initiative, anounced "Given that 1 in 10 patients are currently harmed while receiving care, it is time that patients' demand for safer care is heard and they can do that by signing the Pact for Patient Safety.  The Pact creates an opportunity for greter accountabliity and patient safety in healthcare systems."

The Pact for Patient Safety marks the beginning of a new movement by patients, and for patients, to facilitate committment from health authorities and policymakers, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers, towards better protecting patients from unneccessary harm.

for more information and to sign the Pact, please visit the website at: www.pact4safety.com 






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